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Zoheb is a junior at the Wheeler School and has played Varsity golf throughout his high school career. Growing up in Rhode Island, Zoheb developed a love for golf and founded ZA Sports Agency in late 2022. Zoheb has been traveling to Pakistan every year to play golf and he is passionate about helping underprivileged golfers in the country. Zoheb's dedication to golf has led him to make great strides in the sport and he is eager to give back to the golf community in any way he can.


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​Ali is a general physician at the Roger Williams Medical Center. He obtained his medical degree from Dow Medical School in Karachi, Pakistan, where he also grew up. Despite his busy schedule, Ali co-founded a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing the game of golf and helping underprivileged golfers. Ali's passion for golf began at a young age, and he has been playing and promoting the sport ever since. Ali strongly believes that golf has the power to bring people together and transform lives.


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